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Personal and business tax preparation by Fitness Taxes

Business & Personal Tax Preparation for Fitness Professionals

There are two major differences between how we prepare and file taxes, and how the typical CPA, accountant or tax professional does:

  1. We provide tax planning before tax season
  2. We've seen just about every kind of business tax return

1120s Tax Returns

If you're an S-Corp, you know that you're probably going to benefit from some amazing tax savings, but you also have a little more complex tax return called an 1120S, at least compared to a schedule-c or "sole proprietorship" or partnership.  

Tax Returns for 1099 Contractors

If you earned 1099 contractor payments or you were a subcontractor for anyone, we can help you make sure that you do everything possible to reduce your taxes and file them properly. It can get really confusing when you have these types of income that are much different than your typical W-2 payroll. Rest assured, we can help you with just about any kind of tax return.

Procrastination leads to OVERPAID TAXES. Don't waste any more time or money.


Schedule a Tax Analysis now to save $4,000 - $15,000* in taxes

Each case is different, but many of our customers making $40k - $200k a year end up saving $4,000 to $15,000 in taxes with our strategies.  Besides that, we make your life EASY by handling all the bookkeeping, tax forms, accounting and payroll.

*obviously every case is different. Results vary; we work within the law.

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