We make it a breeze for you to focus on your business, knowing you've done everything possible to reduce taxes, the most in deductions, file everything on time and do things the right way to avoid penalties & problems.

Online Fitness Coaches are our Specialty

Unlike the typical tax and accounting professional, we know the fitness coaching industry inside and out.  Our passion is serving online coaches for physique, powerlifting, olympic lifts, bodybuilding and crossfit.  We'll help you reduce your taxes, handle all the accounting, and also help you maximize all the potential tax deductions that often go missed.  Whether it's learning how to deduct more of your travel, equipment or the complexities of the home office deductions, we know how to help you better than any other CPA, accountant tax or bookkeeping professional out there.

Year-End Taxes for Online Fitness Coaches

Tax efficient wealth planning

Pro-active tax planning to reduce taxes

Customer service whenever you need it

Bookkeeping done for you

Payroll service to support your business

We're your secret weapon.

We create stunning financial results for our customers.  Whether you're making $60,000 or $250,000 a year, we'll often find thousands or even tens-of-thousands in tax savings. NOBODY knows taxes and the online fitness coaching industry better than we do.

Wealth Coaching

Tax efficient wealth coaching & financial consulting

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Payroll Services

Payroll services to support small business & S-corp owners

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Tax Preparation

Personal and business tax preparation by Fitness Taxes

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Bookkeeping services for fitness professionals like trainers, coaches, bodybuilders, powerlifters and models

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Procrastination leads to OVERPAID TAXES. Don't waste any more time or money.


Schedule a Tax Analysis now to save $4,000 - $15,000* in taxes

Each case is different, but many of our customers making $40k - $200k a year end up saving $4,000 to $15,000 in taxes with our strategies.  Besides that, we make your life EASY by handling all the bookkeeping, tax forms, accounting and payroll.

*obviously every case is different. Results vary; we work within the law.

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